I tried lots of different software, tools and plugins over the years and I love sharing these resources with my clients. So here it is, a curated list of my favourite tools that I personally use on a daily basis, if not a regular basis.


This page does contain affiliate links. This means I receive some coffee money for recommending these rad companies cause I love them, use them and adore them.




My favourite web hosting provider. 123host is your one-stop-shop for web hosting, domain, transferring existing websites and email hosting. Reliable service, affordable and the best customer service in the world. You’ll soon be adding Steve to your biz bestie list.



This CRM system is what runs my business. Paperwork is a thing of the past (hello, saving the environment) and all of my contracts, invoices, proposals, emails, calendar, projects, tasks etc are kept in one online space. It keeps me organised and allows seamless communication between me and my clients. Anyone in a creative or service-based business could really benefit from using a system like this.



Lots of people wanna skip the legal mumble jumble but you need to protect your biz lady. If you don’t have the cash to hire a lawyer, then head on over to Legal123 and buy the Website Legal Pack – includes a customised Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.



The perfect place to save, share and store your files securely. Every day I’m receiving content and images from clients. I use to save them to my hard drive until I discovered Dropbox. Now my clients upload their content and images to a shared Dropbox folder that we can both access and everything is so organised and easy to access. It also syncs with my phone, desktop and laptop!



My go-to place for buying fonts, stock photos, icons, graphics etc. It’s a haven for all kinds of digital goods that you can use on your website or in social media.



Hands down the easiest marketing platform to start using. The tutorials are super easy to follow and you’ll be shooting off marketing newsletter emails to clients & customers in a jiffy!



Perfect option for small businesses – this accounting software is easy to set-up and use and syncs to your bank account. My clients can pay invoices using bank transfer, PayPal etc and the reporting is great for my accountant!



This eCommerce platform makes it easy for you to sell digital products and handles affiliate / referral programs to your customers. It has amazing features such as upsell, cart abandonment, and more.



It’s important to track who, where and how visitors are using your website. Connecting your website to Google Analytics will provide you with all the insight you need.



A FREE and super helpful tool for screen recording + sending videos. Great to use when collaborating with others, recording your screen or showing a client/customer how to use something online. This is what I use when teaching my clients how to use/do something in WordPress.



My favourite tool for pre-planning and scheduling my Instagram posts. Simply upload your image, drag into the calendar and schedule it to post on a certain date and time. You can also drive traffic and track sales made. It’s a winner in my books.




This agency has a great collection of modern stock images and videos available for purchase. The images are far less posed like some other stock image websites and the filtering process is such a great feature for finding the right image.



FREE! Yep, you read that right, Unsplash is filled with beautiful images gifted by some of the world’s greatest photographs.



If you’re after premium styled stock images, then SC Stock Shop is my to-go. You can browse by colour or collection OR Sign up for their newsletter to receive 20 free stock images.




If you have a website, you need this plugin. It’s the #1 Tool for making the most of your SEO on WordPress and it takes 2 minutes to set-up. Plus, they have lots of tutorials to teach you how to use it well.



The best FREE security plugin I’ve found. This plugin will protect your website from hackers and the firewall will filter the traffic coming to your website and block suspicious requests. It also has a malware scanner that will tell you when it’s time to update themes, plugins and core files.



This baby will automatically back-up your website and deliver it your inbox, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud … there are lots of options! Just set-up a daily, weekly or monthly schedule and let this plugin to the rest. This is a must-have tool for any website!



If you’re on shared hosting (almost all users are), caching your site is essential for keeping it running smoothly. This simple plugin makes your site fast and is easy to use by creating static files of your website.



branding, logo & graphic design


Tina and Britta are the beez kneez when it comes to logo design, biz branding and graphic design. The Luxe Co have created some of the most bangin’ logos I’ve ever seen and the stylesheets make it so easy for biz owners (and web designers!) to keep their branding on track.


copywriting & content creation


Jessie has been in the advertising industry for over 16 years in various roles working for some of the best advertising agencies in Australia. You’ll be uber impressed with the brands she has worked with in the past. Jessie is now freelance and has her own agency if you want premium copy for your website, campaign etc.


social media workshops & digital marketing training


The gals over at The Digital Picnic provide training to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them be more social media savvy. They run workshops all over Australia and also offer 1:1 custom sessions. You’ll be a social media marketing expert in no time with the guidance from TDP.




Need a background removed from an image and don’t have PhotoShop? Don’t stress it. Jump on Clipping Magic website and your new image will be ready in seconds.



An easy to use photo editing and graphic design software. This online site allows you to create images, resize images, design and edit.



This platform makes it super easy to convert, compress and edit all your PDF files. It’s free to use and only takes a few minutes.