Carefully crafted questions and answers about The Lover Lab.

1. What on earth is a Lover Lab?

It’s a design lab for bloggers and small biz owners. Bloggers from around the world stop by my sexy lab and ask for nips, tucks and total makeovers of their sites.


The lab offers a range of services including Web Design, Logo Design and Copywriting. I also make a killer Long Island Iced Tea at happy hour if you’re ever in the ‘hood.


2. Why am I here?

You’re an established blogger, a wannabe blogger or a kick-ass small biz owner.


Ooh, and Facebook. Someone’s probably recommended The Lover Lab services over a FB convo.


3. Why is it called The Lover Lab?

I have a lifestyle blog called, The Lover List, and over the years developed a love for designing websites. I started by designing logos and websites for blogger friends and quickly realised lots of bloggers needed help with the big stuff AND the little stuff.


So I quit my corporate job in Tourism and started The Lover Lab. No brainer, right? I chose the word LAB because sometimes we all need to stick our projects under a designer’s microscope for a closer look.


4. Do you like Champagne?

Umm…. Do you like French Fries? I.heart.Champagne big time. 


5. Why should I stick around and explore your site?

The site is loaded up with tips and tricks for bloggers and small biz owners. You can find articles on colour palettes to branding to the best ice cream ever made. I also like to share hilarious videos (like this one) and compliment you on your prettiness.


6. Are you currently accepting new clients?

Let me check our schedule.


YES! My inbox awaits your flirty love letter. Lets talk design and throw some paint on an online canvas.


7. Will you be my best friend and bail me outta jail?

No, but we can exchange numbers and SnapChat (@cogsborne) one another. Does that work for you?


8. Does the shoe ever fit?
Ask my step-sister, Cinderella.

9. You’re weird. Do I need to be weird too to be here?

Did you just call me a weirdo? OMG! I love you even more now.


10. Where is your team located?

Brooke, the Founder/CEO/Creative Director/Australia’s Next Top Model, is based in Sydney and spends a lot of her time travelling between her home studio and her bar fridge. Her assistants, Sonny and Benji, currently reside in Dawgville and occasionally bark orders at Brooke.


11. How do you guys work so well together?

Chicken necks, Belly Tickles & Happy Hour keep us active and in a committed relationship.


12. What is your one piece of advice?

Overpack. It’s why suitcases have wheels now.


13. What’s your favourite word?

I have two favourite words. Aubergine and Debauchery. I’m yet to use both words in the same sentence but when I do, my LORDE will I sound sophisticated.


14. Do you have any advice for tapping into my creative side?

Meditate and drink green juice. Or maybe it’s meditate and drink Champagne. I can’t remember. Try both and see what floats your boat.


15. Ummm… what now?

Making the first move in any relationship is boot shaking. All you need to do is click here and type the words “Brooke, can you help me?” or “Brooke, let me take you out to dinner” and we’ll go from there. Nice and slow.


16. Are you cool with stalking?

If you’re wearing a dark trench coat and you’re standing outside my window, back the f*ck away.

Otherwise, stalk away here …..

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