The Lover Lab is a one-stop-shop for babes and gents looking to grow, refresh & amplify their online castles. 

The Lover Lab takes your vision and brings it to life.

My name is Brooke Osborne and I’m a self confessed creative junkie. The Lover Lab was created out of my passion for design and writing. It kinda makes me giddy. My mission is to offer small business owners & bloggers a fun and stylish solution for all their website needs … without compromising on KICK-ASS results.

In my former corporate life I learned how to master a message for maximum impact. These days, I put those hard-won skills to use working as a copywriter for businesses and blogs on a mission to change the world.

My background in design will connect the dots beautifully for you and ease any pressure you may be feeling. I can blow away the cobwebs [with minty fresh breath!] and provide a crystal clear vision for your site. 

My speciality is helping the newbies get up and running quickly.

I know what it’s like to start a new business. The list of things to achieve is a mile long, so offload the tech-y stuff and hard work to me, so you can focus on growing and building your business/blog.

Let’s talk!
A compelling website, brilliant branding and creative content will propel your business towards success, so for a laid back chat about how I can help OR to receive my latest prices contact me.




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Brooke Osborne, a.k.a Ms Lover, is a fun-loving Sydney city gal bursting with creativity and enthusiasm for life. Her passion for paws, positivity and pasta has earned her a loyal following on her blog, The Lover List, with young women all over the world. Brooke’s mission is to dig deep, get creative and produce amazing design and content for people and businesses planning world domination.

DISCLAIMER: Try not to pee your pants reading my FAQ